A compact dwarf form of our native Red-twig Dogwood. While this species can sometimes reach 20ft tall in the wild ‘Kelseyi’ is far smaller and makes an excellent small shrub. It has small clusters of white flowers in spring followed by berries which feed birds (mildly toxic to people). In fall it’s leaves change color and as the weather gets colder the young stems turn bright red and usually a little yellow at the base. Great in groupings or mass plantings. Thrives in wet soil in low areas or rain gardens yet can also tolerate some drought, especially when it receives afternoon shade. While adaptable to lower light levels the stems have best color in full sun.

Size: 2'-3' tall x 3'-4' wide
Light: Sun - Part Shade
USDA Zone: 2a-9b

Regular watering when planted in full sun, less water required in part shade.

Kelsey dogwood requires a little maintenance to look its best but it isn’t too picky about growing conditions. It can handle a wide variety of soils, moisture and light. Once established this plant will require a heavy pruning in late winter every year, some even cut all the way back to 3-6” from the base. This encourages a flush of new stems in the spring that will turn a brighter red in the winter than older wood. When left un-pruned the stems will eventually flop over and take root which can make the plant spread much wider than intended. Eventually the clump may need to be divided like a perennial.