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To create beautiful, sustainable, habitat focused designs. Provide clients with Certified Naturally Grown plants. Educate homeowners how to care for their gardens without the use of chemicals.

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About Us

Emily + Austin

Green Seed Gardens, Design + Nursery is a collaborative effort between Emily and Austin to change the way we garden in Portland and surrounding Willamette Valley communities. This women-owned and family-run business was founded in 2014 and has undergone several transformative changes in the years since.

To achieve their goals, Emily and Austin have drawn on their unique skills, knowledge, and experience, initially offering “eco-friendly landscaping” and sustainable design plans to customers in Portland, OR. They were part of the initial wave of sustainability minded professional gardeners entering the industry in the new millennium, using new approaches and innovative solutions to replace the environmentally destructive design and management practices that dominated landscaping in the previous century. In 2017 they relocated the business to a small farm property in the nearby town of Canby, OR which is aptly named “The Garden Spot.” Over the next 6 years they built their nursery from the ground up and put in an acre of display gardens.

To enable their expertise in environmentally sound gardens to reach its full potential, Emily and Austin closed the landscaping division. This enabled them to focus on Sustainable Design + Planting projects and growing Certified Naturally Grown plants for their customers. Emily and Austin are dedicated to eco-conscious practices not only in their Certified Naturally Grown Nursery but in their landscape designs for client gardens as well. Every design is not just aesthetically pleasing but also takes into account a multi-faceted approach to environmental responsibility.

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Design + Planting

We transform your property into captivating gardens through our expertise in landscape design. Our passion extends beyond design as we also provide a comprehensive range of plants and planting services. At the heart of our mission is sustainability, guiding every step of our process. We’re dedicated to bringing your vision to life while prioritizing features such as native meadowscaping for habitat, and rain gardens to reduce pollution as we design your garden with sustainable maintenance practices in mind. Discover more about our creative process and how we will make your garden a thriving, bio-diverse habitat full of color, texture and wonder by clicking the button below. Let’s cultivate beauty and a healthy planet together.

We are currently scheduling site visits in JULY/AUG 2024 with designs starting in AUG 2024 with a planting in LATE FALL 2024/WINTER 2025 at the earliest.

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When it comes to our plants we do things a little differently

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No chemical pesticides or fertilizers (pollinator friendly nursery)

Targeted Micro-spray irrigation to conserve water

Peat-free potting mix from naturally sourced, local ingredients

Integrated Pest Management utilizing beneficial insects, microbes

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Certified Naturally Grown


We opened our Certified Naturally Grown nursery in 2019 to produce more sustainable plants for our design projects. We never use chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers which in turn helps protect pollinators and reduce carbon emissions. In addition, we prioritize local and sustainable products such as a byproduct based all-natural fertilizer made right here in Canby. Our peat-free potting mixes are custom blended from ingredients entirely sourced from the Pacific Northwest. This not only supports a vibrant local economy but also reduces shipping related carbon emissions.

We take healthy plants seriously and utilize natural Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques so that we offer a product that is ready to plant and thrive in your garden. This includes a beneficial insect and microbes program, traps, high pressure water, vacuums and only as a last resort natural sprays such as gentle soaps and oils.

About half of our small nursery is dedicated to growing Oregon native plants including some harder to find species. We also grow a wide variety of Perennials, Ground Covers, Ornamental Grasses and Shrubs. Our plant collections are focused on selections that are low-maintenance, drought resistant and support native wildlife and pollinators.

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2742 SE Territorial Rd. Canby Or. 97013