Green Seed Garden Team

About Us

Our women owned, family operated business was established in 2014. At Green Seed Gardens we are centered on Habitat Focused Design + Planting projects and our Certified Naturally Grown Nursery. In addition to our mission of bringing nature right to your doorstep while reducing pollution, we are also driven by a core value of providing quality work to our clients.

At Green Seed Gardens we love what we do and we work hard to do it well. We have chosen to stay small to ensure we meet our commitment to providing exceptional designs that are detailed and unique. As a sustainable design company we utilize water-wise plants, natives, edible perennials, and flowers with nectar for hummingbirds and insect pollinators. Most of these plants will come from our own nursery which is free of chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Let us help you create a haven for wildlife in your own backyard.

OWNER - Lead Designer

Emily Booth

Emily is the Lead Designer, Planting Supervisor and Assistant Nursery Grower for Green Seed Gardens. She is a creative, smart, passionate business owner and designer. She has a B.A. in Communications from OSU and an A.A. in Design and Interactive Media from Chemeketa CC. She has used her design skills to advance the company and bring design to the forefront of its mission. Emily has designed over 100 gardens for our clients and draws on her art background and training in color theory and the elements of design to develop creative plant combos and landscape features that will enhance your property.

 In addition to her design work Emily has had hands-on experience in all aspects of the landscaping business from planting, creating patios, rain gardens and more. Emily’s enjoyment of being outdoors and working with plants started at a young age as she grew up with her family in Bend, OR. Lots of time was spent adventuring in the local nursery, Land Systems, with her dad. Emily approaches her designs with creativity and the client’s needs in mind. Working with Austin on plant procurement from the nursery, they come up with beautiful and sustainable solutions.

Owner- Head of Nursery Operations

Austin Booth

Austin is the Head of Nursery Operations at Green Seed Gardens where he curates, propagates and nurtures plants for our design + planting projects. He is also the Project Installation Lead and Assistant Designer. The seeds for a career in horticulture were planted early while growing up on a small farm and working in landscaping early in his career. He then gained unique skills in other industries for a while before returning to school to gain a degree from Oregon State University in Natural Resources with a focus on wildlife, restoring natural habitats and native plant identification. While completing his degree Austin worked for a farm growing native plants and seeds for restoration projects which fostered his interest in working with and growing plants.

Austin was the lead landscaper for Green Seed Gardens before that division was closed to focus on design and nursery work. He currently propagates, nurtures and cultivates a diverse selection of Certified Naturally Grown plants for our customers. Now with over a decade of direct experience in landscape installation and maintenance, Austin uses his expertise to help design and plan for the installation of new landscape features with the layout and construction plans. In addition to assisting with design, he can oversee the management of contractors doing prep work, hardscaping and other new features to ensure the yard is installed as it was envisioned.

Fairy House Consultants

The Little Seeds

Two of our favorite helpers are the smallest of the bunch. Our consultants are often in the garden playing and helping. These two keep us on our toes. Wow, they are fun, bright and active! Nobody on the team loves dirt, grass and being outdoors as much as the Little Seeds. To help out the local family business they are our fairy house consultants and playscape idea testers. These two make up a crucial part of the team.

Koda - Office Dog


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