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Do you offer stand alone design services?

Yes we do offer stand alone design services. Are you a 'Do it Yourself' person? We are happy to use our expertise to come up with a DIY plan tailored to your project. We provide support and guidance along the way.

Do you offer a Garden Consultation?

Don’t need a design but need help getting started? Looking to learn more about your garden? Did you just move in and inherit a new garden? We can help! We provide a stand alone Garden Ideas Consultation that will help you learn about your yard and get you excited about creating goals for your property. Together we will walk your property, assess your site (light, drainage, etc.), review existing plants and garden structure. We encourage you to take notes and be involved in the garden transformation process.

Garden Consultation: $350

How long do your design projects take?

Planning for your new yard is a crucial step in ensuring your project is a success. It takes time to go through the design process, collect contractor bids and to schedule installations. Most of our projects take 6-12 months from the initial design consultation to final installation. Taking the time to plan for your project ensures we have a plan you love, that can be installed efficiently without costly mistakes. We promise, it will be worth the wait!

We are currently scheduling site visits in Feb 2024 with designs starting in Spring 2024 with a planting in Fall 2024 at the earliest.

What is Certified Natural Grown?

Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) is a certification model for small farms that use only natural methods and ingredients. The peer-review inspection process encourages continual sustainability improvements and enables farmers to share knowledge to facilitate those changes. You can be sure that products bearing the CNG seal are grown by farmers committed to reducing the environmental impact in all that we do.

Why does it matter that the plants in my yard are naturally grown?

Many of our plants are ornamentals not intended for consumption so why does it matter that they are free of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers? The primary reasons are to reduce soil and water pollution, protect vulnerable pollinators and wildlife and to reduce carbon emissions. Our natural pest control methods and local potting mix and fertilizers reflect our commitment to environmental responsibility. Learn more about our sustainable practices here.

How do I get my plants or pick up my order?

You can pick up your plants in person at the nursery, at one of our various sales or have them delivered to your door. If you select order pickup at checkout your order will ordinarily be pulled and ready for pickup at our nursery within 2-4 business days. We will contact you with further pickup instructions when your order is ready for pickup. Alternatively, you can request to pick up smaller orders under $200 at the Oregon City Farmers Market. We do not attend the market every week and it is seasonal for us so this option may not always be available.

Do you deliver to my area? How much is it?

We deliver to most of the Portland metro area in 10 days or less. We also deliver to additional areas in the North Willamette Valley with a 2-4 week delivery time. We have 3 delivery zones and pricing based on your distance from our nursery. Look for your zipcode below for your delivery rates:

Zone A: $50 delivery, $200 minimum. Zip Codes: 97013, 97045, 97002, 97068, 97027, 97267, 97222, 97015, 97032.

Zone B: $75 delivery, $300 minimum. Zip Codes: 97005, 97008, 97223, 97225, 97221, 97219, 97239, 97205, 97201, 97204, 97227, 97211, 97212, 97232, 97218, 97213, 97220, 97230, 97024, 97030, 97080, 97233, 97216, 97215, 97214, 97202, 97206, 97266, 97236, 97086, 97089, 97022, 97023, 97004, 97042, 97038, 97373, 97362, 97071, 97026, 97303, 97305, 97037, 97115, 97132, 97140, 97137, 97020, 97070, 97062, 97224, 97035, 97034, 97267.

Zone C: $125 delivery, $500 minimum. Zip Codes: 97208, 97209, 97210, 97227, 97217, 97203, 97229, 97206, 97124, 97231, 97113, 97116, 97123, 97119, 97148, 97111, 97127, 97128, 97101, 97114, 97371, 97304, 97301, 97302, 97351, 97321, 97330, 97331, 97333, 97389, 97332, 97352, 97392, 97317, 97325, 97383, 97385, 97381.

Why doesn't my CNG plant look like it's photo?

We do our best to choose photos that clearly represent what the plants will look like in a garden setting. That being said, all plants and gardens are unique in their own special way, and everyone tends to their garden a little differently. The plants you order from us are in common nursery sizes and will take time to grow into the landscape. Depending on when you purchase your plant it may change appearance with temperatures, light, or its stage of growth.

I just got my CNG Plants - What do I do now?

1. Dig a hole 1.5-2x wider (but not deeper) than the pot your plant is currently living in.

2. Remove your plant from its pot and place your plant in the hole trying to minimize root disturbance. If the root ball is very thick with roots it may be beneficial to loosen the roots a bit before planting.

3. Finally, mix some compost or potting mix with the native soil from the hole you dug and plant with the top of the root ball level with the existing soil line and cover ground around it with 2"-3” of mulch

Tips: It can be beneficial for many varieties of plants to make a small mound when planting for better drainage. Also ensure never to put more than a thin layer of mulch around the stems of shrubs or woody perennials as too much soil or mulch above the root crown can cause stems to rot and die.

Can I visit your nursery?

Currently we are open year-round by appointment for nursery shopping. However, for small purchases of 1-3 plants we ask that you order online for pick-up (feel free to email us if you need suggestions on plants for your space) or wait for our next plant sale/open garden event. Throughout the year on various dates we open our display gardens and nursery to the public for self guided tours and shopping. In the spring we have a farm stand with a selection of our CNG plants for sale

I'm a Landscaper, Designer, Garden Center - Do you offer a wholesale rate?

We do! Please get in touch with us to find our more.