Our commitment to


We pride in our commitment to eco-friendly practices that benefit both our customers and the environment. In our nursery and gardens, we’ve never used chemical pesticides and fertilizers, opting instead to protect our plants with the help of beneficial insects and microbes and natural Integrated Pest Management techniques. Our potting mix is peat-free and all ingredients and fertilizers are sourced locally in the Pacific Northwest and are entirely natural, ensuring that our products are not only of the highest quality but also eco-conscious.  

Additionally, we’ve invested in electric equipment such as our mower to maintain our gardens and our heavy equipment runs on biodiesel. Our exploration of electric technology to replace fossil fuel-based equipment is ongoing. Our water-saving irrigation practices help conserve this precious resource and we’re also dedicated to restoring wildlife habitats on the land surrounding our nursery.


Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) is a certification model for small farms that use only natural methods and ingredients. The peer-review inspection process encourages continual sustainability improvements and enables farmers to share knowledge to facilitate those changes. You can be sure that products bearing the CNG seal are grown by farmers committed to reducing the environmental impact in all that we do.

Why does it matter that the plants in my yard are Certified Natural Grown?

Except for our herbs you probably won’t be eating our plants so why does it matter that our plants are Certified Naturally Grown? The main reason is to help protect our ecosystems. Many pesticides commonly used in the nursery industry are toxic to our endangered and threatened pollinator species and may harm wildlife. Here at Green Seed Gardens we have implemented an all natural Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program that uses beneficial insects, microbes and other natural methods to control pests while minimizing harm to pollinators.

We are reducing our carbon footprint by using 100% local (less shipping emissions) and natural potting mix ingredients. Synthetic fertilizers which are often produced from fossil fuels (coal) are responsible for over 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions annually. The main fertilizer in our blend is a local and sustainable byproduct-based fertilizer from a chicken farm right here in Canby.

All of our potting mix ingredients, fertilizers and natural pest control sprays have been reviewed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for compliance with the standards of the USDA National Organic Program. Our CNG certification has very similar growing practice requirements and even bans some toxic products that are allowed under the Organic label. However, it is designed specifically for small farm operations serving their local communities. With lower certification costs and less time required for paperwork and other bureaucracy we find this model to be a better fit for our small nursery at this time.

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Locally Sourced Potting Mix

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability, and our custom blended, peat-free potting mixes used to grow our plants reflect this dedication. Carefully crafted with 100% locally sourced and naturally derived ingredients, our simple mixes ensure optimal growth conditions for our plants while minimizing environmental impact. Douglas Fir bark, a natural byproduct from the northwest forest products industry makes up the bulk of our mixes and serves as an excellent substrate for plant roots. We enhance drainage and air porosity with pumice, collected in Eastern Oregon. This product is more sustainable than perlite which requires high heat and is energy intensive to produce. Finally, our mix incorporates compost, a great alternative to peat due to its water-holding capacity and nutrient-rich composition, while also inoculating the mix with beneficial microbes to enhance overall plant health. 

To further nourish our plants, we primarily use a chicken manure-based fertilizer from a local Canby producer. We make a liquid fertilizer with this agricultural byproduct which we call “chicken poop soup” and our plants give it rave reviews. We then incorporate the waste from that process back into our potting mix as a natural slow-release fertilizer. We also mix in a small amount of Oregon-grown alfalfa meal to provide additional slow-release nutrients and balance the nutrient profile. Both of these local fertilizers are OMRI approved for organic production.

Natural Pest Control

We pride ourselves on our commitment to eco-friendly practices, particularly in pest control. We use only natural methods and never use chemical pesticides in order to keep our rivers clean and to protect pollinators and wildlife. Our approach involves utilizing a diverse range of techniques. We harness the power of predatory insects and microbes to hunt down pests before they become a problem. This natural form of pest control aids in maintaining a balanced ecosystem within our nursery and greenhouses and greatly reduces the need to treat pests using other means.

Other non-chemical insect control may include spraying with high pressure water or a shop vacuum to pull pests off the leaves. Our proactive measures extend to disease prevention in both foliage and soil. If pests do show up, we employ natural oils and soaps, which serve as effective alternatives to chemical insecticides, ensuring minimal disruption to the environment. We manage the timing, frequency and application method of irrigation in the nursery to minimize foliar and soil diseases. In the greenhouses we employ ventilation and dehumidification methods to keep plants disease free. Compost tea fortified with beneficial microbes also aids in maintaining plant health.

When it comes to weed management, we take a hands-on approach. We meticulously hand-pull weeds, ideally before they make seeds. If we miss an area before the seeds drop, we implement mulching to smother the seeds or small plants. In addition to hand weeding, we use solutions like horticultural vinegar on wood chip paths or controlled flame torches on non-flammable surfaces such as gravel driveways and paths. By prioritizing natural and sustainable pest control methods, we aim to maintain a healthy environment while simultaneously offering high quality products and services.