Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, commonly known as Kinnickinnick, is an evergreen groundcover native to Oregon. This is a circumpolar species native across the Northern Hemisphere including North America, Europe and Asia and is the only Manzanita found in the wild outside of Western North America. In the spring it is adorned with white or pink urn-shaped (ericaceous) flowers, followed by bright red berries in the fall that carry into winter providing food for birds. This ground hugging Manzanita is drought tolerant once established and very low maintenance. It is adaptable to many soils but requires good drainage. It is a great choice where you want a wall draper or ground hugging plant with winter interest and for naturescaping with natives.

Size: 4"-8" tall x 36"-72" wide
Light: Sun - Part Sun
USDA Zone: 4a-9b