Artemisia douglasiana, commonly known as Douglas Sagewort is an aromatic native perennial in the sunflower (Asteraceae) family. It has silvery green foliage, some leaves are more ovate and some are deeply lobed and appear forked. This plant was used medicinally by many native tribes on the West Coast.

Like other members of the Artemisia genus (Ie. Sagebrush) Douglas Sagewort is adapted to survive dry summers. However, in the wild this species grows in wetter riparian habitats. In the garden it will perform best with occasional deep soaks in the summer as it may go dormant if soil is allowed to fully dry out. Watering needs are less if planted with a little shade and sheltered from the hottest afternoon sun. This plant needs a bit of room to spread from rhizomes and may require some size maintenance.

The small yellow flower spikes are not particularly showy but the best reason to plant this native plant in your garden is for pollinators. Like most members of the Asteraceae family this plant is great for attracting bees. However, artemisias (including this species) are also known for hosting a wide diversity of native butterflies as well as producing seeds loved by birds.

Size: 24"-36" tall x 48"-60" wide
Light: Sun - Part shade
USDA Zone: 6a-10b