Fragara vesca or Woodland Strawberry is a native wild strawberry that is common in open woods and along forest edges, while it grows in the shade it fruits best in sunnier locations sheltered from hot afternoon sun. This is a widespread species distributed throughout most of North America, Europe and Asia.

It has long been cultivated in Europe but has now mostly been replaced by the garden strawberry which was hybridized in France from two other North American species and is far more bountiful and productive. It is still grown commercially in small quantities though because of its exquisite and much more flavorful fruit. Most cultivars of Fragaria vesca such as 'Alexandria' or 'Yellow Wonder' are the subspecies semperflorens of Eurasian origin. In NW Oregon the subspecies bracteata is our local native variety and is what we carry in the nursery.

The fruit of this native groundcover for part shade (if you don't eat it all first) is great forage for birds and other wildlife and the flowers attract pollinators.

Size: 4"-6" tall x 24"-60" wide
Light: Mostly Sun - Part Shade
USDA Zone: 3a-9b