Juncus patens is a native wetland plant well suited to wet areas such as a rain garden, pond or simply a low area where water collects. Spreading rush is a grass relative that will often grow in standing water during seasonal flooding, however it is also adapted to our summer dry period and is drought tolerant once established. It will add a fine grass-like texture to the garden with added interest from its blue foliage cast and decorative seed heads. The foliage is evergreen which adds some winter interest as well. Like most native grasses this plant will readily self-seed in the right conditions so you will find seedlings around the base mostly in spring. Any undesirable seedlings are easily removed while they are young with a good weeding tool such as a hula hoe (aka Action or Scuffle hoe). A great native plant addition to those tricky wet areas where not many plants will thrive.

Size: 24" tall x 24" wide
Light: Sun - Light Shade
USDA Zone: 4a-9b