'Hidcote Superior' is an improved form of the classic 'Hidcote' Lavender named for the famous Hidcote Manor Gardens in England. This compact variety of English Lavender has excellent form, color and fragrance. The dark purple/blue flowers first appear in June and coincide with the arrival of Western Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies which swarm our Lavender plants every summer. This variety blooms over a long period and with its semi-free flowering habit (and maybe a little deadheading or shearing) it will continue blooming into late summer/early fall with a 2nd or even 3rd flush of blooms. In addition to butterflies it will also attract bumblebees and other native pollinators.

Drought tolerant once established this lavender is adaptable to many types of soil provided it is given good drainage (which is essential for lavender to thrive). Deer and pest resistant, this Lavender will perform fantastically in the garden with very little care other than occasional trimming/shearing.

Size: 16-20" tall x 20-30" wide
Light: Sun - Mostly Sun
USDA Zone: 5a-8b