If you've spent any significant time hiking in Western Oregon in Late Spring/Early Summer you may have seen the native vine Lonicera Ciliosa (Orange Honeysuckle) with it's striking clusters of 1.5" long tubular orange flowers. It often grows along trail edges where it thrives in the part sun conditions of forest clearings. It can also grow in heavier shade but at the cost of some or all of the blooms. The flowers are very attractive to the two species of hummingbirds (Anna's and Rufous) present in the Willamette Valley when Orange Honeysuckle is in bloom. Later in the season it's berries ripen red and feed other species of birds. This vine requires some sort of support such as a fence, trellis or arbor or let it do what it does in the wild and climb on a tree or shrub.

Size: 10'-15' tall x 6-8' wide
Light: Mostly Sun - Mostly Shade
USDA Zone: 5a-9b