Pink Honeysuckle is a low sprawling shrub or climbing vine native to the West Coast of North America from Vancouver Island in BC down to San Diego in California. In Oregon it occurs West of the Cascades mostly in the inland valleys (Willamette, Umqua and Rogue). It is typically found in open woodlands (often associated with oaks) and in shrub dominated habitats. While it can climb up to 20', it often rambles along the ground or over rocks, logs and other plants.

It's small round leaves are covered in hairs (hispidula means "finely bristled" in latin) and usually have a slight blue tint to them and often turn purple in cooler weather. The trumpet shaped pink/purple flowers have long yellow stamens and attract hummingbirds, bees and butterflies. Flowers are followed by small red berries eaten by a number of native bird species.

While not as showy in the garden as our other native honeysuckle vine Orange Honeysuckle (Lonicera Ciliosa) it has some advantages in that its semi-evergreen foliage adds winter interest and it tends to perform better it hot sunny locations without supplemental water.

Size: 6'-8' tall x 4'-6' wide
Light: Sun - Mostly Shade
USDA Zone: 6a-10b