Lupines are a classic roadside wildflower and can put on an impressive show in the spring. A common native species is Lupinus rivularis or Riverbank Lupine which is an evergreen sub-shrub boasting beautiful purple flower spikes. It is also a member of the fabaceae family, which means it has the ability to convert nitrogen from the atmosphere into plant food. With its attractive blooms, it is a magnet for butterflies and bee pollinators. Lupines usually self-seed and their seed pods pop open often launching seeds quite a distance from the mother plant. Any undesirable seedlings are easy to pull. Though we recommend allowing some seedlings to stay to ensure this short-lived perennial can persist in your garden for the years to come.

Size: 1'-2' tall x 2'-3' wide
Light: Sun - Part Shade
USDA Zone: 4a-9b